Mary Poppins JR. Audition FAQ's


I have enrolled for auditions. Does this mean my child is in the cast?

Unfortunately, we are unable to cast every child that auditions due to the number of applicants. Enrollment is strictly to help organize the process of auditioning.


Will there be callbacks?

We will not hold callbacks. 


When are auditions?

Auditions will be held on December 4th, 5th & 6th at YMCA of Greenwich (50 E. Putnam Ave. , Greenwich, CT) at 6 p.m. Check in begins at 5:45pm and expect to stay through 9 p.m. The production team will do their best to dismiss auditioners in a timely manner.


Does my child need to attend ALL nights of auditions?

No. Children only need to attend one night of auditions. Please indicate which night they will be auditioning on your enrollment form.


Is it better if my child auditions the first night, last night or middle night?

There is absolutely no difference and we have no preference. While there is much speculation about "when" to audition, what matters more than what day you audition is the actual audition.


Am I allowed to be in the room with my child when they audition?

Unfortunately, no. We do not permit parents to be on the floor of the building where auditions are being held.


What should my child prepare?

Each child must sing a small section of any song they desire. This should be a song they are comfortable with. Anything from “Happy Birthday” to “Spoonful of Sugar” is great by us!


Can my child sing a song from the show?



Will my child sing their whole song?

Unfortunately, no. We don't have time to hear the whole song, so sing us the part of the song that you feel best about.


Should my child know the songs and characters from the show?

While this is not required, it can only help.


Will every child read a scene?

Some children will be asked to read a scene that we provide. Not every child will be required to do so. Please understand that this is in no way a reflection of your child’s ability or talent.


What is an audition?

Students preparing to audition are given a number, and their name is written on a piece of paper. We then take a photograph of each student who auditions to help organize our casting process. Children will be escorted into the audition room one at a time where they will meet a friendly group of directors, producers and choreographers. Children should be prepared to smile, tell us what their name is and sing a short piece of a song. That’s it! At Open Arts Alliance we do our best to keep the auditions fun, simple and ensure that every auditioner feels great about their accomplishment!


When will the cast list be posted?

The cast list will be posted on December 11th.


Where will the cast list be posted?

The cast list will be posted on the Open Arts Alliance website (


What is the rehearsal schedule?

Please visit the Open Arts Alliance website.


Other tips:

Arrive at auditions early, and be prepared to stay the entire time. OAA staff does our best to dismiss students as early as possible on the night of auditions. Parents and students are encouraged to bring positive attitudes and sportsman-like behavior to auditions and rehearsals.


Save the date:

All members of the cast and at least ONE guardian must attend the welcome party on January 3, 2020. This gathering is a celebration to learn ALL about the production and what is expected of students and parents’ participants.


Age guidelines:

Our productions serve students ages 8 to 18.


Are there fees associated with this show?

All members cast in OAA's production of Mary Poppins Jr. will be asked to pay a program fee.


Where can I purchase tickets?

Tickets for performances will be sold to families in advance to ensure that everyone can enjoy the performance!